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The ads on these pages have been clicked on
more than 10,000 times this year.

Six more reasons to advertise your business using the Adcities...

In the first half of 2013, we counted over 250,000 page clicks on our network. On Godaddy, we logged over 800,000 server requests in the same period.

All communities care about their history. Canadians have come from many different backgrounds and they are proud of this heritage. Communities will notice your business amidst this interesting vintage content and see that you are a part of their history as well.

The Netcities sponsors not only the Vintage Photo pages and the Vintage Press Online, but also free community pages. Towns, villages, organisations and community volunteer groups will have pages set up for them if requested. When you support the Adcities, you support the communities as well, and they will notice.

Instant Updates:
Adcities is not only an ad, but a full page of details as well. This page will be initially set up for you, and will allow updating at any time via a login/password. This page can have many uses, such as a flyer, daily or weekly specials, your menu, or for links to your various business websites. Each details page contains up to 18 sections.

Detailed Reporting:
Once you join the Adcities you may login and view online reports at any time. These allow you to track the activity of your ad and on which sites your ad gets the most attention. Detailed reporting of your ad will allow you to see where it has the most impact, and just who is interested in your business. As more cities join our network, the Adnodes system will help manage ads across all sites.

Local, Regional, National Settings:
The Netcities Network is growing. As new vintage sites join our hubs the Adcities will access additional city pages across Canada. Using local, regional and national ad settings will distribute your ads to the audience you want to reach. Our network may be new, but is expanding steadily.
For details visit Vintage Canada.

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