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Success with advertising can be difficult to measure on the Internet, but the common factor is traffic. The Netcities Network of Vintage sites has very good traffic flow. This comes from a wide demographic. It is surprising how many young people are familiar with the sites. To really appreciate how much traffic we get, ask your friends and family about Vintage Kingston. You may be surprised at how many actually know and visit the sites.

The Adcities were designed to count results. Reports include details such as which sites ads were viewed on, how many times, the number of people clicking specific ads, and from which sites. This is a system that is a bit complicated on the inside, but simple to use.

Does This Sound Like Too Much Work?
It really isnít, and we can help. We will create the initial ad and a details page for you. These can be based upon your current site or just an advertising flyer. We will add some general information about your business, and include a link to your website. We can discuss any logos or slogans you may use or like, and any artwork or photos available. You may then login and update it as often as you like.

Try It And See Your Ad Online.
Once created, you may view your ad and details page online. If you approve and decide on a term for your ad, it is easy to get online quickly. If you do not decide to use the Adcities, we will be keep your ad on file for a few months in case you may change your mind.

Get Started Now!
Below is a link to where you can send us some initial details of your business, and we can begin understanding your advertising needs. We will reply with some ideas and more information on how our system works. This should be all you need to decide to have your business promoted on our sites.

If You Have Questions...
or are merely hesitating whether to send more details, please contact us here at the Netcities and let us put your mind at ease. The Netcities Network is a small operation, and does not subscribe to any spam or any such web practices. Our business is supported only by the local business advertising on these sites, and our templated websites.

Our Templated Dynamic Websites
These are meant for the business without a web site, or for those looking for more control over their online business. All of the Netcities sites are based on our templates, and they will work for your business as well. Updates are instant, and almost any layout is possible. Please contact us for more information.

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Get your business seen within your community, across the region, and across the country. Your business will be noticed on our Vintage sites. Get noticed, use Adcities.